Whilst business is where I have made my money, charity, good causes and people are where I like to spend it.

Most recently, I have supported TFM Radio’s charity Cash for Kids in Teesside, The River Performing and Visual Arts Centre in Houston, Texas and Hoops Aid in London, as well as paying a visit to a small dance studio, Tab’s, in Middlesbrough, also in the North East of England, with a view to providing some essential funding for the facility in the near future.

Also, I have spent a great deal of time and funds helping The Eco Farm Home for Homeless Children in Sankhu-Sharada, Nepal, just outside Panauti. I was thrilled to be able to pay a visit to the orphanage in 2014, where I could assess exactly what help they needed before going on to organise plastering, painting and other work required.

I became involved in the orphanage through my existing support for The English College in Dubai, which I also support financially.

In addition, I support The International School of Moshi in Tanzania, which I was also introduced to by The English College, who regularly send children out on visits.

As well as providing hoodies for the Dubai children, I have sent clothing for the orphans they visit whilst in Tanzania, plus laptops and other equipment needed by the school itself.

Towards the end of 2014, I also attended a fundraising event on the HMS Victory, taking my dad, John – an event which was fantastic fun – to help raise cash for a memorial in honour of all the Royal Navy explosive ordnance divers who have lost their lives over the years.   This was a cause close to my heart as I have worked closely with so many ex-forces personnel in business over the years.